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Desperate immigrant tried to enter the Spain by hanging next to the ferry propeller

Source:    Blic 11.06.2013.

Desperate illegal immigrant from Algeria (48) was so eager to get the opportunity to start a new life in Spain, that he tried to enter this country hanging next to the propeller of the ferry, just a few inches from the sharp blades that could cut off his head or limbs. In this position he spent more than two hours while the ship, he took from Tangiers in Morocco, was crossing the Straits of Gibraltar.

Emigrant had planned to jump into the water when the ferry come close to the shore and then swim to the coast. He would then avoid a border check point and illegally enter the country by jumping over a three meters high fence. However, National Police officers heard of his plan and waited for him on the shore, as the ship was docking at the port of Tarifa.

The unfortunate migrant was arrested and taken to an immigration detention centre. His bolt plan and arresting was recorded.

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                 Immigrant from Alegria hanging next to the ferry propeller

 It is not the first time that an immigrant risks of his own life trying to enter in foreign county .

In 2009 an illegal immigrant smuggled himself into UK through the English Channel Tunnel, sticking to the bottom of a bus full of Border Agency officials. The officers were not aware of him until they had completed their journey and arrived in Folkestone.

However, in June 2010, a stowaway hid in the landing gear of the jumbo jet flying to Britain and managed to survive temperature of -41 degreesin that part of the plane at height of 8,000meters.

The jobless Romanian, made an unsual 1,300 kilometers trip from Vienna to London, he flew on a Boeing "747" owned by the Dubai royal family.

Airport officials said that the man could easily have been crushed by the plane's wheels or killed by a lack of oxygen and was 'incredibly lucky' to be alive.

Statistic of the US Federal Aviation Administration say that one in four stowaways survive in the best case, many others die or fall out of the plane in flight.

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